Is Value Builder best for me?

Benefits for Buyers

In today’s market, business brokerage is more than a transaction. It’s a relationship in which brokers help their clients maximize value. With The Value Builder System™, benefits are twofold: business owners maximize their value through a sale, and brokers collect recurring revenue and higher fees from a successful transaction.

Benefits for Sellers

Your ability to leverage the sellability of your business is heavily dependent on what sellable elements of your business you’re able to identify. With a valuation expert, a “fine-toothed-comb” valuation of your business is performed, increasing your chances of getting the best bang for your business by 86%.

Benefits for Business Owners

The hallmark of a valuable company is one that runs without you, which means if you can create a business that’s built to sell, you also have the option to hold on to it without the stress of running your company day-to-day. A valuable business is also a sought-after asset making it more likely that you get an unsolicited offer for your business. This gives you negotiating leverage when you decide to sell.

What kind of professional are you?


Tax and compliance work pays the bills and gives you a platform to build a trusting relationship with business owners. Still, if you’re tired of counting beans and want to elevate your conversations, The Value Builder System™ can help. It gives you a statistically validated system for talking to your clients about the value of their business. It provides a trusted framework — used by tens of thousands of owners and their advisors — for building the value of any company.


 You know business owners are attractive clients. Owners generally have complex financial lives. Most need both wealth management and insurance products. And when they sell their business, owners often have a windfall of financial assets they need help managing.

The problem is getting in the door. Most owners already have a basic financial advisor managing their investments and often see a more sophisticated financial advisor as someone they may engage after a liquidity event. But once an owner sells their business, it can be too late to forge a new relationship.

If your goal is to start a conversation with a business owner much earlier in the process,
The Value Builder System™ can help.


As a sell-side mergers and acquisitions professional, you need quality businesses to sell that are owned by founders with a realistic expectation of what their business is worth. Sometimes those two things can be hard to find. Many owners want to sell, but their business is not ready to stand up to the scrutiny of a professional buyer. Likewise, owners of quality businesses can have an unrealistic expectation of what their business is worth. You’re left giving away hundreds of hours of your valuable time for nothing. As a mergers and acquisitions professional, The Value Builder System™ can help you build a quality pipeline of businesses to sell while getting paid for your advice along the way.

The Value Builder System Explained

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